RheumPAC is the ACR’s nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) that works to elect and support pro-rheumatology candidates.

It is the only PAC dedicated to the interests of the rheumatology profession. RheumPAC was created in 2007 with the mission of educating, electing, and supporting federal lawmakers who understand and can positively address the issues that impact rheumatology care providers and their patients.

Find out what the ACR is doing to protect and promote rheumatology.

Medicare Reimbursement

Stave off current cuts and work towards a long-term, sustainable solution to Medicare physician payment.


Ensure long-term, viable patient access to telehealth services by resolving inter-state licensing issues and preserving reimbursement parity for virtual visits.

Prior Authorization

Streamline the prior authorization process in Medicare. 

Step Therapy

Codify exceptions to step therapy requirements where patient health is at-risk.

Medical Workforce

Support expansion of the rheumatology workforce by adequately funding Graduate Medical Education and permanently repealing the cap on Medicare funded training positions.

Drug Pricing

Increase transparency required for pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) operations and drug pricing mechanisms, including reporting requirements for rebates and drug price increases.

vital research

Increase federal funding for programs engaged in vital research to combat rheumatic diseases.

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2024 ACR Top Policy Priorities

Learn more about what the ACR is doing to protect and promote rheumatology.

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