Frequently Asked Questions

A political action committee is a group or legal entity formed to raise and contribute money to the campaigns of candidates whom they support. PACs are regulated by the Federal Election Commission.

RheumPAC is the ACR’s nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) that works to elect and support pro‐
rheumatology candidates. It is the only PAC dedicated to the interests of the rheumatology profession.

RheumPAC was created in 2007 with the mission of educating, electing, and supporting federal lawmakers who understand and can positively address the issues that impact rheumatology care providers and their patients.

Under federal law, ACR/ARP is prohibited from using its general treasury funds to make contributions in connection with federal elections. However, ACR/ARP is permitted to form a political action committee (PAC) to provide members with the opportunity to legally and ethically participate in federal election activities.

RheumPAC creates opportunities to educate and develop relationships with members of Congress as well as support champions for our issues and our message. It is the financial vehicle through which ACR and ARP members can support Congressional candidates who share our commitment to rheumatology.

RheumPAC focuses on the ACR’s top public policy priorities set by the Government Affairs Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. Read ACR’s policy statements.

Candidates are recommended for support by ACR/ARP members and our advocacy staff. RheumPAC is bipartisan and determines candidates’ eligibility for support based on their past support for policies that directly impact rheumatology or their ability to further our goals in their position in Congress. The RheumPAC committee reviews these recommendations and has final approval of the list of supported candidates. All U.S. ACR and ARP members are welcome to suggest candidates for support.

Congress enacts health policies that directly impact your profession and your patients. RheumPAC creates opportunities for the ACR to educate key policymakers on the importance and value of rheumatology. RheumPAC needs your support in order to increase and expand the ACR’s advocacy efforts. We can only be effective when legislators understand the extent and impact of rheumatology related policy issues.

U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens who are members of the ACR or the ARP may invest in RheumPAC.

  • You can contribute online here.
  • You can also mail a check to: RheumPAC, 2200 Lake Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30319


Contributions to RheumPAC are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. All contributions to RheumPAC are voluntary and must be made with personal funds. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal. Any proposed contribution amounts are merely suggestions; you may choose to contribute more or less or not at all. RheumPAC will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount contributed or the decision not to contribute. Federal law prohibits contributions from corporations. RheumPAC participants must be United States citizens or permanent resident aliens.

Every single dollar raised goes directly to carefully chosen campaigns that maximize our reach (no overhead or administration costs).

With so many new faces in Congress and different legislators in key leadership positions, it will be especially important that RheumPAC continue to build relationships with the offices of the many healthcare policy stakeholders. We hope you are able to contribute today!